Sreenivas Rangan Sukumar - Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Screenivas Rangan Sukumar

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Sreenivas Rangan Sukumar is a data science and artificial intelligence architect and a distinguished technologist in the Chief Technology Office at HPE. Prior to serving in a similar role at Cray, he was a scientist and group leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, responsible for knowledge discovery and data science workflows on the world’s fastest supercomputers. He has a Ph.D. in AI and more than 90 publications on implementing edge-to-Exascale pipelines of disparate data collection, organization, processing, integration, fusion, and analysis, and inference for AI workflows. Particularly, Dr. Sukumar focuses on workflows that instantiate computer vision, natural language processing, pattern recognition, graph analytics, machine learning, and visualization algorithms applied to a wide variety of scientific data shapes for use cases in drug discovery, autonomous cars, robotics, and geospatial situational awareness.