Glenn Osaga - Senior Human Factors Engineer

Glenn A. Osga, PhD.

Senior Human Factors Engineer

Dr. Osga is a senior human factors engineer with over 40 years of experience. He concluded a 30-year career as a government scientist serving as Senior Technologist for Decision Support Systems for the US Navy in 2013. He has been working in industry positions as a senior human factors engineer for multiple leading technology firms to the present time. He has led multiple research & development efforts for various clients, including the National Security Council at the White House and has re-designed premier US Navy systems to increase user performance and improve efficiency, safety and training. Dr. Osga has lectured at the MIT Summer Engineering course, the Univ of California San Diego Extension and is the author of numerous technical reports and a book chapter in the textbook Human-System Integration. He holds multiple patents and is the recipient of multiple awards while in government service, including several outstanding publication awards and the top Naval Scientist Lauritsen-Bennett award.